Hello there!

Welcome to the TurtleCoin Street Team!

~~Currently there is a waitlist for joining the Turtle Squad! Please submit an application here.
You can also reach out to bbanditt on the turtle discord and submit  a statement about why you should be accepted on the street team.

How does this work?

The rules are pretty simple. You will be rewarded for bringing brand awareness to the TurtleCoin cryptocurrency. Once you are apart of the Turtle Squad, you will need to provide shipping information for your free Street Team Starter kit.

Starter kit include-
-Street Team TurtleCoin decal
-assorted Turtle Decal/stickers

Your goal?

Your goal is to spread the word of TurtleCoin and bring awareness to TurtleCoin. Please use these decals to gain support from people in the real word!  The TurtleCoin Street Team DOES NOT endorse any vandalism of any kind. Have permission or allow people to apply these stickers/decals themselves to their property.

Picture or it didn’t happen. I will do round ups and ask for your progress on a weekly basis.


Rewards will include T-shirts and Turtle Coin! These rewards will be chosen by me (bbanditt) and will be given at my digression.  It is really though to try and keep up with a point system. Instead, we will be working off of an honor system that stems from weekly checkups.


The TurtleCoin Street Team DOES NOT endorse any vandalism of any kind. If we are notified are find out about any wrong doing, you will be exiled from the Street Team, and no rewards will be given. The Turtle Street Team lead organizers reserve the right to refuse, change or alter rewards at anytime. The TurtleCoin Street Team is an effort that is backed by donated time and resources.